photography and design

Greenland to the Canadian Arctic and back

I’ve been very honoured to join the Students On Ice 2018 Arctic expedition as a photographer and sail from Kangerlussuaq through the northwest Greenland and cross the Davis strait to the Canadian High Arctic visiting some of the most spectacular and remote locations. Due to extreme ice conditions we didn’t make it to some of the communities and places on the Canadian side…So after visiting Pond Inlet, Sirmilik National Park and Sam Ford Fiord we had turn around and sail back to Greenland with enough time to step on the second largest ice cap in the world.

We welcomed over 200 students and educators onboard from at least 15 different countries and studied climate change, sustainable developments goals, ocean literacy, opened up on truth and reconciliation. We listened to the youth and the Elders; scientists and adventurers; hunters and environment activists: archaeologists and artists; teachers, athletes and book authors, and we couldn’t be more grateful and touched by the things we learnt.

All in all, it was a life-changing and inspiring trip. Thanks Students On Ice for the overall experience, First Air for continuous support, Adventure Canada for the amazing time aboard, and Canada Goose keeping the media team warm!