photography and design


Natta Summerky is a renowned lifestyle and portrait photographer and videographer based in Toronto. 

Natta knows the importance of getting decisive moments due to her career as a successful photojournalist and a travel photographer and has started her transition to pursuing a more artistic path.

Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, she graduated from Baltic Film and Media School in Estonia, and completed Advanced Photography program, Fanshawe College in London, ON.

Natta’s great variety of work shows how much she is constantly developing and expanding her style, but most importantly it concentrates around one feature - a search for humanity in all of its aspects. 

For the past years, she has been documenting mankind-made and -altered landscape, as well as searching for contemporary heroes of the alteration. 


Miniature Solitude, 2013 - CONTACT photography festival

Square Foot Show, 2011; 

Chroma, 2012;

Darkroom 2.0, 2013,

and others.